• New 'Formal' Theme

    A new theme and 2 variants have been added.
  • Website Logos

    Upload your business logo for the website header! Look in the Content/Global area to set your logo URL.
  • Bulk Image Rename

    Give your images a name better than "DSC80231.JPG" with Bulk Rename. This is particularly handy with large albums. Specify an image name you want, select the images to rename (or select all), and images will be renamed sequentially (ex., 'My Great Photoshoot 1'). This will improve search engine indexing if you use friendly filenames.
  • Bulk Tagging!

    Add a set of tags to every image in an album, all at once!
  • Tumblr Sharing!

    Share any page or image directly to your Tumblr account. Tags, titles, and descriptions are sent to Tumblr.
  • Tumblr Links

    Add Tumblr to your list of social media links. Set your social media links in the Content/Global management page.
  • Elegant Theme gets a complete make-over!

    If you skipped over the Elegant theme in the past, you might want to take another look.
  • Dynamic Albums!

    Create albums which contains images with a certain tag. This is great for setting up albums for slideshows, blog galleries, your 'best of' featured albums and more! Read more about this in the Help area.
  • Optimized code

    We've tweaked a lot of things under the hood to improve load times.
  • Shopping Feed

    Google Shopping Feed now available. Get more info on the Tools page.
  • Custom robots.txt

    Your robots.txt now includes a reference to your sitemap file, which will improve indexing and inclusion by hundreds of search providers.
  • Instagram link

    Set your Instagram URL in the Website management page.
  • Optimized caching of static files

    Images and scripts we commonly use on website themes have been moved to our CDN, to improve caching and load times.