I provide wedding, engagement, bridal, portrait, family, senior and boudoir photography in the California Central Coast area. Browse my online galleries or learn more about booking a session. Feel free to contact me the contact page with any questions or feedback.

Fall Color Photography

Fall color photography from all around Colorado.

5 albums

Landscape Photography

Landscape photography across North America by Scott Smith Photography

25 albums

Astrophotography and Weather

Night sky, milky way, long exposure and weather photography

10 albums

Wedding and Engagements

Wedding and engagement photography by Scott Smith Photography.

1 albums

Portraiture Photography

Portraiture by Scott Smith Photography.

3 albums

Abstract and Artistic

Artistic, abstract, macro, and other random photography.

5 albums

Product Photography

Product Photography by Scott Smith

3 albums

Events and Miscellaneous

Event photography and miscellaneous photos taken over the years

6 albums



Fall Wedding - Anna and Dylan
Fall Wedding - Anna and Dylan
Wedding Photography - Joe and Jen in the Garden of the Gods
Wedding Photography - Joe and Jen in the Garden of the Gods