I provide wedding, engagement, bridal, portrait, family, senior and boudoir photography in the California Central Coast area. Browse my online galleries or learn more about booking a session. Feel free to contact me the contact page with any questions or feedback.

Fall Color Photography

Fall color photography from all around Colorado.

5 albums

Landscape Photography

Landscape photography across North America by Scott Smith Photography

25 albums

Astrophotography and Weather

Night sky, milky way, long exposure and weather photography

9 albums

Wedding and Engagements

Wedding and engagement photography by Scott Smith Photography.

1 albums

Portraiture Photography

Portraiture by Scott Smith Photography.

3 albums

Abstract and Artistic

Artistic, abstract, macro, and other random photography.

5 albums

Product Photography

Product Photography by Scott Smith

3 albums

Events and Miscellaneous

Event photography and miscellaneous photos taken over the years

6 albums



Fall Wedding - Anna and Dylan
Fall Wedding - Anna and Dylan
Wedding Photography - Joe and Jen in the Garden of the Gods
Wedding Photography - Joe and Jen in the Garden of the Gods