Our first template, "Basic Black" is now available.

You can instantly switch to the new template by opening the menu (click the icon on the extreme top right of the page) and choose Account Settings. Then you'll see the options for Default or "Basic Black" template. Pick one, then hit Save.

You can switch back and forth any time, and more templates are coming! We plan to eventually open up the template system to allow users to create or submit their own designs.

This template gives your pages a completely different look! There are a few key things not included in this first template:

  • There are no comments on albums or photos
  • No drag and drop upload functionality.
  • No "Favorite" button on images
  • You can't edit articles from your articles page yet - just visit the Member Activity page to edit an existing article.
  • No "Add to Cart" / Purchase option for images. This is coming soon.