The DNS issues our host has had over the last few days is finally over.

We've relocated our DNS service to the Amazon AWS service, which should provide much more reliable service. Below is the support message from our provider:

"We apologize, but we’re experiencing a Denial of Service attack on our network, which is causing your site to be offline. Our admins are currently working on for the investigation and trouble shooting for this issue.Please check back at for more information as the situation progresses. Rest assured that this issue will be fixed but currently do not have an estimated time for resolution. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding."

Again, we apologize for the last 2 days - it's been brutal. This was something that was completely out of our hands, though we understand that doesn't really matter to you - our users - what matters is that your photos are available and online - 24/7/365. And that is what we're striving for.