I'm in the final phases of testing our print service, but I've enabled most of the features that you'll need to get started.

To sell prints, you'll first need to define the sizes of prints you want to sell. Each paper size will have a different aspect ratio, and we want to make sure your image fits correctly, and is cropped the way you want.

The second step is setting the price for each of your images. There is a base price, but you can add your own markup. This is your profit, and will be sent to you no more than 60 days after a sale transaction has been completed.

To get started:

  1. Load the Image Edit dialog - hover over the photo's thumbnail in an album, and click the Edit icon in the top left, or click the image to view it full screen and hit the edit icon in the top left, or view the full-sized image, and click the "Manage Image" button on the top right.

    On the Image Edit dialog, you'll want to make sure you've entered a friendly name for the image - this is the name of your "product" that customers will see. A description helps too (and will be more important when we enable image search). When you're satisfied with the name and description, click the "Sell This Photo" button on the bottom bar of the dialog.
  2. The next page you see will be a list of all the print sizes, base price, and your markup. For a new image you won't see any sizes listed yet, you have to create them on the "Add or Adjust Product Options" page.
  3. Click the "Add or Adjust Product Options" button. The next page will be where you can add different paper sizes and create cropping options. You'll see a preview of how your image will appear on the paper, and on the right the control panel.

    If your image's aspect ratio (4x5 vs 4x6 for example) perfectly matches any paper sizes, they will be listed in the control panel, and you'll be able to add those with just one click.

    Any sizes already defined for this image will be indicated with "Ready!" in the list of sizes.

    To specify additional print sizes for this image, select a size from the list, such as 8x12. If the image isn't a perfect fit for this paper size, you'll be able to drag the image left and right, or up and down, depending on the orientation of the image. When you're satisfied with the position of the image within the white border representing the size of the paper, click Save.

    To save time, if any other print sizes has the same aspect ratio as the one you're editing, they will be listed in the control panel as well - with a checkbox asking if you wish to add all matching paper sizes to this image.

    If you don't like how your adjustments have worked, you can use the "Center" button in the control panel to restore the original position of the image. Click "Save" when you're done.

  4. Then, click the "Return to Product Management" on the top of the page to enter your pricing information for each size.

    Your image will not be listed for sale until you click "Save Changes" on the Manage product page. On a new image, a red warning message will appear above the list of sizes until you click "Save Changes." Enter any markup (profit) you wish to add for each size. You can remove sizes, and see a preview of the image on a given size from here.

    *Note - the markup amount you define here will not be added to the base price if you are ordering prints of your own images.

    Once you save, your image will be available in the public "Products" page, and in your own Products page.

  5. We'll be enabling the "Add to Cart" in the next few days, so now's a good time to get a jump start on your image configuration. It can be fairly involved if you have a lot of images to sell - but we've done everything we can do make it simple and fast. I appreciate any and all feedback you have about this new feature!