Nickname Editing

We've enabled editing of your Nickname in the Account dialog.

Warning - changing this changes your URL. Each member has their own URL, with their nickname at the end:

Changing the nickname will invalidate any existing links to your portfolio, articles, albums, etc. Any links to your pages in search engines will also be broken, and may take a several days to update.

Also, any shares or likes of your albums/images to social media sites will be invalidated.

If you haven't yet shared links to your albums or portfolio, or any articles, this probably won't impact you much.

Any direct linking to images will be fine - as they don't use your account's URL.

Click the "gear" on the top right to edit your account.

Private Messaging

We've also enabled Private Messaging within the site. You can message other members by going to their About page, and clicking the "Contact" button the right. If you have an unread message, the message icon in the menu bar will be red instead of white.

Viewing sent messages and other messaging features will be coming soon.