Within a couple weeks we'll be wrapped up with our print ordering system. This has turned into something larger than we initially planned, but will have some great features for our users.

I will probably first release the new updates that let you specify the print options you want. If you've had prints done before, you know different paper sizes don't fit all papers without cropping, proper rotation, zoom levels, etc. So we have created a page that lets you specify specific position and cropping values, for each print size.

You will also be able to choose which print sizes to sell (some photos might not be suitable the larger 30x40 prints). You'll also be able to set your own markup, and profits from your sales will be dispersed back to you (specifics on that are coming soon, but it will be no longer than 30 days). Your markup will be added to the low base price of our various prints.

Our print partner, who we can't mention yet, is one of the world's most respected among professional photographers. We've ran several test prints through them, and are amazed at the quality. These are top notch prints from a world class service.

We'll be adding a couple more pages, one to list all of the "products" you have available to the public for sale, and another to list the details your sales and your profits.

The person ordering prints (be it you, or a customer) will be able to choose from the sizes you've configured, and enabled sale on, and there are also options for paper type.

Best of all - it's all very easy. Both for our members, and for your customers. We're applying years of experience to provide a top-notch shopping experience.

Finally - for payment we'll have options for both credit card, and PayPal.

We will likely require a PayPal account for dispersing proceeds of your sales, but may be able to ACH as well.

Please send any questions or suggestions to support@village.photos.