I've added password protection as an option to album security.

Now they can be either private, or password protected. Visit the album you want to protect, and click the "Manage Album" button. Choose "Password Protected", and enter a password, up to 10 characters. You can then share the link to the album - and the password.

We may change this - and list password protected albums with other albums, OR list them once the password has been entered. For now, they will not appear to others in your list of albums.

*Things to note

1) Neither password protected, or private albums, appear in your album list to the public.

2) Private albums are not protected, if somebody knows the URL - they can access it.

3) Password protected albums cannot be accessed by others at all without the password.


Other updates...

I updated about 100 things yesterday (not exaggerating). If you see any strange issues with layout - press the REFRESH button on your browser, or hit F5. If that doesn't help, try pressing and holding CTRL (or Command for Mac users), then F5. That should force a reload of the content.

Most of these updates were performance and laying tuning/tweaks. I consolidated a lot of the layout styles for more consistent look and feel, and in preparation for the eCommerce portion of the effort, so users and visitors can order prints of their images.

As always - please send any feedback - good OR bad - or questions, to us at support@village.photos.