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Photography Around Colorado

Various photos around Colorado, outside from the national parks.
Royal Gorge No 3 - The sun sets over the bridge at the Royal Gorge, near Canon City, Colorado. The bridge is the highest bridge in North America, at almost 1,000 feet over the Arkansas River.Royal Gorge No 4 - Royal Gorge No 1 - The view of the Royal Gorge, in Canon City Colorado.Cliff Dwellings - Manitou cliff dwellings, a few miles from Manitou, Colorado.Rainbow Falls - Rainbow Falls, also known as Graffiti Falls, in Manitou Springs, Colorado.Red Rocks - Shipwreck Trail - From Shipwreck Trail at Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater, Morrison, Colorado.Denver Sunflowers at Sunset No 3 - Sunflower fields near Denver International Airport, on August 20th, 2016. Near 56th and E470.Denver Sunflowers at Sunset No 2 - Sunflower fields near Denver International Airport, on August 20th, 2016. Near 56th and E470.Denver Sunflowers at Sunset No 1 - Sunflower fields near Denver International Airport, on August 20th, 2016.Near 56th and E470.Sunset on Mount Sorpis from Glenwood Caverns - Looking east as the sun sets over Glenwood Caverns, in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.Glenwood Springs from Glenwood Caverns No 2 - Landscape version of the view from the top of Glenwood Caverns, the city of Glenwood Springs, Colorado looks miniature.Glenwood Springs from Glenwood Caverns No 1 - Looking down from the top of Glenwood Caverns, the city of Glenwood Springs, Colorado looks miniature.Denver Skyline at Night - The Denver, Colorado skyline at night.Denver Skyline at Sunset - The Denver, Colorado skyline as the sun sets.Red Rocks Park - From the Trading Post in Red Rocks Park, a brilliant blue-bird sky brings out all the colors in the area's geological features.Red Rocks Amphitheater - People getting a workout at Red Rocks amphitheater on a warm Sunday morning.Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater - A warm summer day at Red Rocks Park, near Morrison Colorado.Garden of the Gods Spires No 1 - Garden of the Gods Spires No 2 - Garden of the Gods Spires No 3 - Garden of the Gods Spires No 4 - Garden of the Gods at Sunset - A different view of the Denver Art Museum - I snapped this walking to my car from Civic Center Park, a different view of the Denver Art Museum.Urban Winter - Vail Mountain Stream - The stream that flows through Vail, Colorado, near the famous covered bridge.Fall Cattail and Grasses - Cattails growing in a wet area near Commerce City Colorado.Gothic Road in Fall - The view from Gothic Road, north of Crested Butte, ColoradoThrough the Woods - Turqouise through the trees, Lake lit by the last of the sunlight, as seen from our campsite.Infinity Tracks - Miles of railroad tracks going into the distance outside of Leadville, Colorado.On the Tracks - Railroad tracks outside of Leadville, Colorado.Clear Water at Turquoise Lake - Summer at Turquoise Lake, Leadville, Colorado.Sailing at Turquoise Lake - Sailing at Turqouise Lake, Leadville, Colorado.Sunset on Turquoise I - Sunset on the calm protected waters of Turqouise Lake, Leadville Colorado.Sunset on Turquoise II - Sunset on the calm protected waters of Turqouise Lake, Leadville Colorado.Double Rainbow at Turquoise Lake - A rare double Rainbow at Turqouise Lake , Colorado.All Aboard - An old engine sits near the edge of the Royal Gorge in Canon City Colorado.Fireside Cafe - An old diner in Fireside, Colorado.Suburbia Rainbow Connection - A double rainbow breaks through some clouds east of Denver.Summer Fields I - Wheat fields near Longmont, ColoradoWheat Field - A field of wheat in late summer near Longmont, Colorado.Fields of Wheat - A wheat field off of highway 52 near Longmont, Colorado in early summer.Summer Corn Crop - A large cornfield, about waist-high, growing near Longmont, Colorado off Highway 52.Summer Fields II - Corn fields near Longmont, ColoradoHallett Peak from Bear Lake - Hallett Peak from Bear Lake, Rocky Mountain National ParkWatching Over St Luke's - Dancing at the Denver Performing Arts Complex - The famous larger-than-life dancing statues at the Denver Performing Arts Complex.BC4C8866.jpg - Farmer's Market - East High (Esplanade) Farmer's Market.Pumpkin Patch - Anderson Farm's pumpkin patch.Anderson Farms Pumpkin Patch - Sun Setting at Garden of the Gods - Stomach-Turning Rides at Elitches - Elitches - Classic Ferris Wheel - Elitches - Carousel - Frisco - What Time is It - Quaint Shop - A beautiful little shop in Frisco, Colorado.Lake Dillon - Camping in Bailey - Green in Golden - Gentle Hills Near Golden - Mainstreet, USA - Businesses line a busy main street in Leadville, CO.Snowmass Wilderness Area Fall Colors - Fall colors in Colorado, just outside of Snowmass VillageLake Dillon from Sapphire Trail - The Rockies Swing Away - The Rockies Hit a Line Drive - Denver at Night - The Denver skyline as seen from Mile High Stadium.Glenwood Hot Springs - Old Signage in Alley - An alley in Glenwood Springs, CODoc Holliday Tavern in Glenwood Springs - The famous sign for the Doc Holliday Tavern in Glenwood SpringsBC4C3641.jpg - What Goes Bump in the Night? - A lone light fixture lights the basement of the Overlook, err, Stanley Hotel - in Estes Park, CO.All Work and No Play - From the Overlook Hotel, err, Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO.Downtown Denver at Night - Fall Foliage - Indian Peaks Wilderness Area - Brainard Lake - Heading to the hike to Long Lake, fall 2011. Beautiful scenery.Indian Peaks Wilderness Area No 2 - Mt Evans Waterfall - A small stream trickles down the side of the mountain.Allie and Holden Red-Rockin' - My kidlings taking a break from a day of Geocaching around Morrison, CO.A Hill with a View - From Morrison, CO - a view of downtown Denver, and even the white canopies of the airport terminals in the distance.Red Rocks - Red Rocks amphitheater, near Morrison Colorado.Copper Mountain - Taking a break from shredding at Copper Mountain, Colorado.Loveland Pass - Heading back home from A-basin via Loveland Pass after a day of snowboarding.LaPorte Liquor - Renaissance Faire - The annual Renaissance Faire in Larkspur, ColoradoLenawee - Lenawee Mountain at Arapahoe Basin, Colorado